Why Digital Marketing Professionals Should Upgrade to E-commerce?

A decade ago, digital marketing was the most attractive skill to learn to succeed in the digital world. Due to oversupply there has been erosion in earnings and value. Digital marketing professionals could upgrade their profile to e-commerce to enhance their career scope and earnings.

Several top companies in the digital space like Google, Facebook started free certification programs centered around their advertisement offerings. These programs were complemented by online and offline programs started by management institutes, marketing agencies and education marketplaces.

Today there are thousands of digital marketing courses that offer certificate, diploma or degree programs. This created an army of digital first professionals who could recommend, manage and grow the digital advertisement business.

While the need for digital marketing has not abated, the unprecedented growth of digital marketing professionals has led to oversupply and a high level of competition. This has had the unfortunate side effect of depressing the earnings and erosion of value of a pure digital marketing qualification.

In the meantime, what started as a trickle of online purchases two decades back has grown enormously. The field of e-commerce has produced the second most valuable company in the USA, the richest man in the world, an economic miracle called Alibaba and in India the e-commerce giant Flipkart.

Billions of dollars of sales happen through e-commerce, both in wholesale and retail. Large number of physical stores are closing down as customers make their purchases on e-commerce, there is hardly a sector that has not been impacted by the arrival of this new way of doing business.

The e-commerce boom has created millions of new jobs for those with the right skills. This trend is set to grow exponentially and as per projections from the Forbes Magazine 12 million jobs will be created in India alone by 2026. Going by what the statistics and projections convey, this is the start of the era of e-commerce.

Many people are confused about the differences between e-commerce and digital marketing, most assume that it is the same. As per edX, E-commerce encompasses everything from buying or selling online (such as retail sites or marketplaces), to mobile commerce, business to business sales, data collection, and financial and trading transactions. It also requires an understanding of supply chain, finance, regulations, and Customer relationship management.

It is apparent that E-commerce is much larger in scope than digital marketing. It is also a core function of the company and is not a subset of marketing as digital marketing is often relegated to. Naturally there is high top management interest and a number of senior, high paying positions that require knowledge of e-commerce.

Millions of small business that had never invested in websites and digital marketing are selling through e-commerce marketplaces. The small business e-commerce boom has also led to a spurt in freelance projects and agency work. In the last few years, professionals with knowledge of e-commerce have reaped enormous profits.

Digital marketing professionals who upgrade their qualification to become e-commerce professionals, could see more work opportunities, high paying, long- term projects and better chances at career advancement.

A prior knowledge of digital marketing means that the journey to a full-fledged e-commerce professional is often accelerated. By learning additional concepts like sourcing, pricing, supply chain management and customer service, digital marketing professionals can look forward to being more closely integrated with the business.

Given the projected growth, upgrading digital marketing qualifications to e-commerce can be of tremendous benefit both professionally and financially.

To address this need, the Institute for Global E-commerce offers digiNext, a parallel entry upgradation program for digital marketing professionals. This leads to a certification as a Global E-commerce Professional (GEP). There is no need to repeat the digital marketing modules and course participants can just attend the e-commerce modules to build upon their existing qualification. For further details please visit us at https://www.gecentres.org/diginext

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