herCall to provide training to 10K women on e-commerce and digital marketing and work support

Up to 10k women will be offered full course fee waivers to learn e-commerce and get assistance to go back to a job or continue working from home.

The Institute for Global E-commerce (GEC), along with its partners Azisst and SME MaXX, announced the launch of herCall, an e-commerce training and work support initiative, with a goal to enhance and maintain the participation of women in the workforce. herCall is being rolled out simultaneously in the USA, India and Canada.

The objective of the program is to empower women professionals on a career break to continue or enrich their professional careers with e-commerce skills while on a break.

E-commerce is permeating every industry and has emerged as a powerful job creator with 1.45 million jobs expected to be created in India alone by 2021.

Participants of herCall will receive a full course fee waiver. They will only need to bear the cost of textbooks, admin and other stationary. On completion, they will receive assistance to go back to a regular job or will be included in a network providing e-commerce services globally.

E-commerce is perfectly suited for women looking for a flexible career option. As millions of merchants start selling online, the need for qualified support is set to grow exponentially. We are using e-commerce to provide flexible career options to retain talented women in the workforce.

Practical experience will be provided by Azisst and SME MaXX. Both brands have a rich history of supporting businesses in B2B and B2C e-commerce, and have conducted several training workshops with top tier e-commerce companies like Amazon and Alibaba.

Up to 10,000 women will be enrolled in the first phase of herCall. The GEC is also in talks with corporate partners to expand the reach and intake. herCall is open for experienced women on a career break or those planning one within the next 6 months. Applications can be made on the GEC website at https://bit.ly/2Kp4BbO

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