Certificate Program

Global E-commerce Professional

Dual Certification Program in Digital Marketing and E-commerce
Duration: 3 months  |  
Optional Practical Training for 3 additional months 
Program Fees: INR 52,477. Admin and Stationary: INR 5,323

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Dual Certification

Learn digital marketing as well as e-commerce at the same time. Gain an edge over peers.

Real Money, Real Projects

Nothing can beat real -life experience. Work on live projects, earn and spend real money in promotions.

Global Study Material

We collate and use the best study material. Faculty focus is on practicals and clarifying doubts.

About the course

The Global E-commerce Professional (GEP) Program equips you with the essential skills for success in digital marketing and e-commerce.
Online Shopping

Opportunity to work on live international projects. Exposure to real-world challenges and cutting edge tools

Shopping for Christmas

Hands-on experience on top platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, Google, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Pinterest

Globalization concept

Digital marketing concepts like SEO and SEM, social media. Strategies for customer acquisition and retention

Businessman in a Car

All types (B2B, B2C, and services e-commerce) and aspects of e-commerce including logistics and finance. 

Blended Learning

Self-paced and instructor-led, flexible learning program

International Projects

Opportunity to work on LIVE international projects

Latest Tools

Learn to apply powerful new digital tools for e-commerce business

Career Growth

Get assistance for job placement or for setting up own business

The world is moving online, don't get left behind!

GEP Syllabus

What Will You Accomplish?

After completing this certification, you will be able to:

  • Gain knowledge of e-commerce and digital marketing.


  • Manage e-commerce accounts on leading marketplaces.


  • Create content and work on multiple e-commerce marketing tools.


  • Plan and execute e-commerce campaigns on social media.


  • Create and manage global affiliate resources to increase sales.


  • Earn additional certifications by Google, Facebook, etc.


  • Master business models to set up an independent e-commerce business.

  • Understand the application of e-commerce in large and small companies.

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